The event offers the opportunity for attendees to be exposed first hand to experiences from abroad
and to understand the variety of practices and procedures throughout the world.

The long-term goal is to create a think-tank that will continue to work once the conference has ended.
The think-tank will strive to implement concrete actions to maximize the efforts of technology transfer professionals.


Increasing awareness and knowledge
about technology transfer
processes and their necessity.
The goal is to provide an overview
of technology transfer practices
and procedures in various countries
that traditionally have different
approaches to technology transfer.
The current status of and likely
future developments in technology
transfer will be discussed with
the final aim of encouraging
further discussion about a new approach to
tech transfer in Italy.

Areas of interest

• University-Industry
• Technology Transfer
• Inter-Cultural Collaborations
• Resource-based Technology Transfer
• Intellectual Property and Law
technology transfer office
organization challenges

Target audience

The target audience of the
conference are technology
transfer professionals and researchers
of public research organizations
(PROs) in Italy, students and post-graduate
students with entrepreneural ambitions,
established and future entrepreneurs,



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